So I went to look at the subaru today and my fanatical high hopes have me really shooting for this car.  It drove well, the seller seems nice, manual… I’M IN!  So now I am doing all this adult stuff, getting a loan, calling my mechanic, ect.  I just dove right in, I didn’t even consult a Real Simple magazine!  WhHhAAaa??  So I am in the process of getting my saturn off my hands, so soon!  I am ready, I want another car so bad I can taste it!  YUM!
And because I was in Nampa, and the car was right down the road from Taco John’s, it would be a crime not to pay it a visit!  I ate everything too fast to get pictures, plus it would have been this shameful, sad and delicious picture.  Such as: Eating a churro while on the phone (with a bluetooth) with my mom, while driving back from Nampa.

Never the less

poetic grease


I had to budget. I got the #1 with a soft and crispy.

And I got a churro.   I hate dieting and minding what I eat.  The Potato Ole’s- amazing.  It was a caloric avalanche and I am glad to say it was hard to enjoy it all.  When it comes down to it, I like the Ole’s.  I’ll know better for next time.

Not the best PotD, but hey, what can you do.  I actually went to Idaho Camera and asked about the prints, turns out the machine is down.  Rats.  No bigs.  Kind of was looking forward to getting the prints back but this car thing is going to, uh, take the front seat for a while- HEY-OOo.

I really really want this Subaru!!!


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