starting a pic a day…

…for the most part.  but I figured a good way to keep this active is to start, and commit to, taking a picture a day.  Not much has happened since the last post, went to a wedding, 4 down, 2 more to go!

So these first pictures are from my dahlia’s that are starting to bloom.  I bought them from home depot from the bulb in bags and kind of tossed them in, fertilized two weeks later and things happened!


Then, from the fires last week, I got this picture from our “crow’s nest” bathroom.

sun smoke window

Yay, life.  I am officially looking for another car.  Which means I called someone and am going to look at it later today.  And they live in Nampa, which mean TACO JOHN’S!  You know, I was going to link a url image, but NO, I will take a picture-  I will take many!  The Ole’s, the churros… This will be documented.


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