monday monday…

Well, I am officially not a good… blogger?  Is that what I can try and put myself into that category?  Oh well.  For what it’s worth, I got busy after seeing the subaru from last Monday.  I decided I want this Subaru and there won’t be another one that will come up on craigslist (wait… yeah, nothing good that’s new).  Tuesday I worked all day, so we agreed to meet on Wednesday at Rooster’s.  Got my amazing mechanic to look at it, and wouldn’t ya know it: the A/C line has a glacial leak.  Ever so slow, yet it is there.  However, it is easy to fix.  Then it was discovered the fog light had been broken.  (No worries, found one online for $40.  In fact, it arrived today)


Thursday I thought I worked all day but my 9 AM opened up so beau and I went to the credit union to sign some more of my(ours) life away.   He dropped me off at the salon (because he and I knew it would be a snowball’s chance in hell to arrange getting the Saturn back to home base).
Then, soon to be old Subaru owner showed up at my salon right after I finished a blow dry.  I handed her the check and she handed me the keys!!

someday I'll be, part of this woorrrrllld

Then I did a color correction for four and a half hours.  (Turned out great)

For dinner tonight I am off duty!  Chipotle is here in town so we are going to check it out.  I have never had it.  I’m looking foward to the burrito BUUUUT I think I will get a burrito bowl.  So while I am off duty from cooking something, I am making about 4 loaves of zucchini bread.  I have been a SINNER.  Hoarding zucchini from caring friends of mine.  I found this recipe from good ol’ npr. Is there anything they can’t do?  Since I took a load of pictures of that, I will post that later this week, so I look productive.  Same with my sewing box!  I kept going to Joann’s and just scoping out the boxes, when they were going to be the cheapest.  With my at home flyer, I got an extra 40% off of a 30% sale.   I did venture into Babies r Us to get a gift for a friend’s shower this coming Saturday.  No pictures, I’m sure I shopped with my eyes closed most of the time.

look! I do pretty things!

Turns out, Chipotle was pretty dang good.  I don’t think I will venture far from the burrito bowl, that was amazing.

my first chipotle-ing

I got the barbacoa, which is shredded beef, and dug in!  We had to hurry back since I had the last of the 4 loaves in the oven.

no leftovers were had.

Well that is the end of this post.  But I have two more to work on, yay!  And by the end of this post, I will have had 500 words written! Alright!  That’s good, I am getting there, I am pleased to see I have done (ever so) slightly more than I thought..



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