bready or not

So, as I said previously, here are the adventures in making zucchini bread.  Usually I will just hop onto All recipes, or even (GASP) look in a cookbook we already have.  In our kitchen.  Like the internet you can hold, but stuck on a cooking website.  Is that really that bad?  I feel bad for writing this, because making this bread wasn’t really an adventure.  Nothing caught on fire, the bread came out good.  So this will be a nice, dull, post about… bread.

until all the zucchinis are made...

And I like making bread.  There will be repeat posts of… bread.  I will have a tag for bread.  I think I will start calling it, “This is NPR… bread.”  This recipe called for orange zest, which never even crossed my mind to add zest to bread.  Or just adding zest in to anything in general.  What an a-ha moment.  Like cooking with garlic.  Seeing how I have only made banana bread, the farthest I have gone to adding to breads are chopped pecans.  Which this calls for as well, and I forgot to add the nuts.

no nuts

I would make bread all the time.  Its so easy, and the smell all over the house? I’m in.  But the eggs!  So many eggs.
Google search:  There are egg less breads.   Okay, well.  I know what I will try for the next round of zucchini bread.  Looks like there is a controversy with some ingredients among the egg less bread topics.  Seeing how a lot of recipes use shortening, veggie or corn oil, usually I will use butter, or half butter half oil.  Its butter.  Its better with butter!

to the oven!

I got my old camera film pictures back and am half pleased!  Its such a crapshoot for me shooting in questionable light.  Gimme a night time long exposure anytime!  But to keep it real, I haven’t used my powershot, to predict how these photos will turn out.  Which in the end, sucks.  I only have twelve shots.  I have two more weddings to hone this in.
I guess I know what else I am doing, its called something… what is it??? oh yeah!


So what is on my list now?

1.  Make an egg less zucchini bread.

2. Add zest.

3. Practice these photos.  On Monday.  In situations that I am now seeing a trend in: Outdoor low light.  What a villain!   I bet it wears a cape that has no ambient light, standing just to the right of every picture.  The unseen photobomb.  Ugh! Gives me the willies.  Figuratively, people, I’m not crazy.

time to nom

And here we are, another post, another day.  Pictures in said post.  All in all not bad.  Right?  Sure!
Off to two more days at work, and in those two days?  Three more perms.  Three more in two days? You ask.  Why, yes as I have already completed one perm this week.  Today was my reprieve.  I will have done 4 this week.  What a technique!  In fact I read an article about it today regarding the chemistry of it.  And this is something I enjoy reading about.  Perms have evolved, people!  It used to be these super hot metal rods suspended in by cantilever weights, with the hair wrapped around them.  These women could get some gnarly burns if the weights fail.  Modern perms can burn, too, but chemically rather than, I guess a physical burn?  So I will add to my list:

4. A post about perms.



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