sewing box upgrade

With my trend of “I’ll get back to this posts” so popular (this is from the one post).  We are at this post that is here thanks to another post.
For the longest time, I never had a sewing box.  In fact, in my apartment, where I lived for 4-ish years, things just kind of… lived in my bedroom, free.  Wild.
My mom has a cool expanding sewing box, that is old, kind of rickety, but still holds.  Like an old car, right?  So when I lived at home, I just picked out of mom’s sewing stash.  Then I moved out, and I acquired basic sewing things… in a makeup bag.  So in my 8 years of living out of the house, these sewing needles, pins, buttons, little spools of thread just kind of floated around, never in a spot meant for them (still in the make up bag getting tangled, sticking out..).
Then I got a box.  I was moving out and needed somewhere to put these things long term since I didn’t know how long I was *really* going to live in a bedroom in a older woman’s house (who happens to be a bad. ass.).   So I have a box, stuffed with more little spools of thread, sewing needles, pins, fabric and light craft-y items.  The thought of getting a box that which stores the items to sew with ideally, never crossed my mind.  I had a box, good enough!  Until I needed something from said box. I would have to take out a craft organizer, then some fabric, then I have reached the sewing level.  It was like treasure, but it furrowed your brow.  There was a small needle explosion and that made it hard to reach in without not looking.  I would suspect it is unsafe.  Then I acquired more fabric.  It was getting hard to close properly.
It was time to go to the sewing authority: Jo-Ann’s.  That is where I spotted this moderately-sized number:

i love paisley

Decent sale plus in store coupon let it come home at a nice price.

seriously, is an upgrade that bad??

And it’s not like the box is completely out of commission, either.

Now it is more like a craft box, which is fine since all the sewing needles have been properly wrangled in the sewing box.

the chances of grabbing a needle now? 0%

Quick Monday jot: What did I do today?  I picked up the 120 film to start my practice, however, the next wedding is this Saturday so at least I’ll know what’s up by the October 21 wedding (in Arizona, watch out for that too!).  What else, I made about.. oh… ten loaves of zucchini bread, with 2 or 4 more tomorrow.  I made a homemade skillet meal- chicken parmesan.  I used wheat pasta, and HAND MADE the sauce from scratch from my dear friend Jen’s (magic or mutant- good mutant- I’m not quite sure) garden.
Next Monday I will be making pesto from my herbs that I didn’t kill for the whole summer!  Then I will figure out how to store then for the winter.  I also want to get some garlic  (and maybe onion) starts and get those going as well.  The Beau and I decided where the raised garden will go and we want to plant peppers, green beans, a few tomato plants, and keep the garlic and herbs going.
Its time for Fall and I have a lot I want to do that involves prepping for easy-ish cooking.  Things to have ready for before night snowboarding so we don’t (1)not eat well and (2) eat fast food and (3) spend money on said fast food.  So far I have made a list of a rough dinner ideas for the week so we go shopping with a mission (other than get in and out as quickly as possible).  Tomorrow is grocery day since we had our friends over to feed them the chicken parm and send them home with 4 loaves of bread.  I want to get a few pork shoulders (another Monday food adventure) trimmed and rubbed, then frozen so then I can just toss it in the crock pot and have some pulled pork sandwiches for dinner.  Big plans, big food plans.
October is going to be crazy.  This week: wedding, make pesto. Work five days instead of my four (egh) then go to Donnelly and shoot some longboarding stuff (longboards? mountains? Count me in!).  Then wedding, in Arizona, which we are flying to, and I am taking photos for (seriously, this couple is so in love and photogenic… wait until I get those pics up on the photo site).  The last weekend the Library! is having their semi-annual book sale (beat it, Victoria’s Secret!).  This holds hands with Halloween, which so far we are doing nothing for.  Wrap it aaallll up with a doctor’s appointment  for a bow and call it a month.

On to another week!

Oh yeah, remember the older woman I mentioned I lived with?

we communicated a lot with notes.


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