Fall is here.  For me. That means jeans, leggings, boots and no more sandals.  It’s a humorously superficial big deal to me. So much to change.  Then there is the snow!  And my love/self brought upon fear of it.  The low pressure sort of bears down a little more on my bones in the colder months, but if I am active enough, it’s manageable.
After getting into hair, and more specifically, hair by Bumble, I have learned how important hair care is to me.  As in, deep conditioning, heat protection.  Its not a gimmick!  I have had people in my chair with mechanical damage- misuse of blow dryers and irons, no use of heat protecting products.  Dry hair, to the touch even when wet.  Its hard to explain, like raffia- hula skirt stuff.  Try it sometime.

the fabric is all on my legs

So back to Bumble.  They are amazing, the theory, product, the education, the consistent use of live models, the care.  The treatment line- top of the line.  Styling product- nailed it.  I have conditioned myself, from the influence of Bumble, to have summer and winter routines.  The summer, Curl Conscious, no blow dryer, braids, pin, flowers.. hair is up- natural wimpy texture is in full force.  Spray de Mode to hold it with a prayer.   Unless I am in New York; curls I have never seen before!  Winter- Creme de Coco, blow outs, irons, more pins, flowers.. Thickening Spray, Spray de Mode, Shine.  It makes me that much more excited for the seasons.  Except for summer, I have this stupid condition where I sweat like my life depends on it sometimes.  I hate it.  Or it hates me, I haven’t figured it out yet.  Thanks to Derma Doc, they have these wipes that tame the sweating to make life somewhat more bearable, but it prevails.
I digress.  Hair, and my routines that join it, make me excited.  However, there is now a product that just shot itself up there in my routines.  So much that this is something that I can use year round.  It is enough to tame the frizz, yet still light that it won’t weigh it down.  And the styling product that goes with it?  You can blow out or let it air dry.  I am in love.
This isn’t a plug, or maybe it is.  This is something that is near and dear to me.  I think about this every day and talk about it 4 days a week.  When I change my closet from summer to winter, I do the same with my hair product, some makeup and fragrance.
And this is what happens when I can ramble and put stuff like this out there.


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