a monday in review

Quick, late recap of last monday:

As I have mentioned  I made a million loaves of zucchini bread..

the process

getting weird with filling


some from scratch chicken parm for four…

meat first.


added on-a-whim sauce


add cooked pasta

oh yeah, squeezed about 6 grapefruits and one orange to salvage at least the juice..

ah yes, the juice


needs just a teaspoon of sugar per 8 ounces

and am about to embark on some pesto making.  I need to pick up my car (getting her windows tinted in the morning because that’s how I roll), get the oil changed, clip herbs from the salon, maybe pick up a doggie friend at some point and come home and make pesto.  I attempted once and it wasn’t bad!  I threw it in a batch of sauce, mayo and cream cheese.  I may gift it out if it blows up like this bread thing did.  I am also going to attempt some… thing with the mint.  Freeze or puree then freeze it.  Then what?  I will be googling that.
Working on the perm post (like I said I would! Go me!), promising or threatening myself to get the photography page a little  more presentable.


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