Today I made the pesto, I was glad I hopped on that since I was going to wait another week.  As I was picking the basil, I could tell it was time to take them inside.  She was cold.

the harvest


the aftermath

I went to Freddy’s and got some clear plant bottoms to store the rest of the plants in the garage.  This is purely experimental.  I hope they live!  I may get a little daylight light, or something of the like.  More googling..
For the pesto, I decided to keep the herbs separate (just a little culinary ocd, don’t mind me) and got a whole ice cube tray full.

time to tear the lemon verbenaaa

Good for the winter.  I kept it very basic, very little salt, some pine nuts, evoo, and the herb.

verbena in, oregano blending


the basil is very nutty

For dinner, I went Italian, in celebration (hah) of Columbus day.  Gee, thanks mister!  But seeing this recipe on the Today show had me in.  Shrimp scampi.

cooking the shrimp


added the zest, juice and white wine

With some seasoned salmon on the side.  Served with regular/wheat pasta mix and french cut green beans (yeah yeah, I know).


So not too much happened today, other than zombie-clipping herbs.  Ran a few errands, hung with the doggies.  This is the week I work five days so I get to come in at ten instead of 9.  Then I won’t be potentially working a 45 hour week.  I MUST RUN!  There is no excuse.  Plus my back has been killing me and I know that working out makes it feel better.
Then on Saturday we leave for Donnelly for a night and on Sunday take some shots of some sick Sibbz riders.  Hopefully get some late summer night shots, provided its not freak snow or raining.  Some of the prints I got back from ye olde camera turned out pretty dang good!  Got some Christmas presents coming up!

So, little post, little look.  Going to try this get-to-bed-at-a-reasonable-hour thing an hope I don’t fail miserably.


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