AZ (and JO) go to AZ

Since starting this blog, the beau and I were in the thick of wedding season.  Six weddings this summer.  And they were sort of all over the Treasure Valley, with one in Arizona, which I liked.  After August, it was time to take notes.  Well, this past weekend was the last of the weddings for the summer.  This one was in Arizona, for my bosses daughter/our receptionist.  She is beautiful, he is handsome, they are so so in love and this wedding was perfect.  I had the super-duper honor of photographing it.  So I get to do a sneak peak thing! Yay!
They made my job so easy.  They, along with the bridal party, the family and the guests were so photogenic, fun and happy celebrating with the newlyweds.  I just had to snap away.  A lot.  I am in the process of selecting images from different categories and then going into post.
Of course there was this one setback- my body.  Oh, Body.  It totally knows situations before my brain does.  First trip to New York to meet then boyfriend’s family?  How about some situational digestive issues?  Going anywhere doing anything?  Don’t forget to sweat!  Going to NYC with then boyfriend and then he proposes to you?  Oh you will be lucky if you can walk!  I am going to mess with your inner ear and stomach like a boss!
Doing first big photo commission with a friggin sweet camera?  You’ll have a pepto over ice… or else!!  So I dealt with that, and I conquered.  Gatorade! Pepto!  Chocolate milk!  (I hate you so, so much, Body)
Unfortunately, I really sucked at taking non wedding pictures.  Well, kind of.  I did have the wireless remote and took some long exposures with the d90.   And some from the plane.
As far as my Monday? Well, I took Mocha to the vet to weigh her and have the receptionist feed her treats.  All was good.  Then, I take her to Petsmart to get her nails clipped.  Oh. My. I forgot her training collar so she was terrible.  To get her nails done.  So yeah, I did not take pictures of that.  Next time I will since I will have that collar.  She’s pathetic.  Of course I bought her love  (sale!) and she got rawhide.  Went and got her friend Lilly so they can wear each other out.  But Lilly is pretty durable.
There was a frost warning for tonight so it’s time to bring the plants inside.  As I was at Fred Meyer, there were a few indoor plants half off, and some cacti.  What can I say, I was inspired.  In Arizona, they are plentiful.  I had never seen them in real life.  It was great!
Ooh!  I am loading some new pictures and I now remember this bodacious malbec wine.  So so dark, we are eating it with steak with sauteed mushrooms and onions and sweet potato fries.  I took some pics, and I’ll get some of the steak.
So, no pictures as of yet.  But I will get on it as I get to it.


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