The time has come to relive the crazy days of October.  There was something going on every Saturday, which is good, but also crazy.  Good crazy.  First weekend was the baby shower, the gift was well received.

yay tiny things!

Then the weekend after that was a wedding at Fox Canyon Vineyards.  It was beautiful.


vineyard with a view



Then the weekend after that, we piled into the car and drove up to Donnelly.  What was going to be an end of day shoot, the rider was pooped and then it started to rain.  Like crazy.  The lightning was so bright, I could see the markings on our dog.  I remember getting up to check that a tree hadn’t landed on our cars.

Weekend after that was Arizona

Weekend after that was grape picking and adult Halloween.

When I think about it, the wine madness was only two weeks of active stuff, the picking, waiting for sugar levels to drop, bottle last year’s vintage and press this year’s.  The before is crazy, once a word of a varietal getting near ripe… gone.

The I found this little gem-
“”Wow.  So October was a combination of lazy and crazy busy.  Just like I thought.  In fact, today is the doctor appointment, and then lunch with a good friend of mine!   I need a reward, and it needs to be in the form of breadsticks, soup and salad.””

That was October 31, that day, on the way to Olive Garden, I freakin got a flat tire!  Ugh!  Doctor appointment was dumb, as usual.  Ran an errand, and then got the flat.  I pretty much just turned around and hit up the tire shop.  They were definitely due, but I was hoping to, I don’t know, wait a little longer?  I don’t know for what.  To spend on tires later as opposed to then-ish.

What a way to wrap up that month.  “Annnnd oh yeah, you are going to purchase tires, Sincerely, Life.”

Now we are a week away from Thanksgiving and we are going to Stuff… That… House!!  We are having nine people over.  Nuts!  My mom can’t turn away someone who has nothing to do.  Usually it has been my friends.  This year its my brother’s girlfriend’s family (which is four), Beau and I (with Mocha), and my friend.


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