Ah the pressing.  This time I set the camera up and used the remote to take shots here and there.  It turned out pretty well!  I only broke one jug, that’s good!  Again with the setup, right on the border of the garage floor and driveway, we have a tilt to help drain out.

time to wine

I pulled the barrel of tempranillo, it was light.

doing a barrel pull.

During the pressing, just dump it in!

this was mostly juice (and sediment) at the bottom

I’m serious when I tell people that I just hold the funnel.

look! i do stuff!

And when I tell people I sample a lot (hence the one broken jug)

it only gets better with age

Blocks are in, time to press in the tannin.

time to press

Always gotta taste it.  See how it is developing, and if it will get too tannin-y.

test taste

Ah the cake, also known as, the worst mess to clean up ever.  This is the leftover skins and seeds.



free run, or during a press, can't remember

Near the end, this was the cabernet.  So so good, can’t wait to taste it in a month!

more tasting

Always there to taste.  I’m your gal.

more testing

And doing slight horse work, like if the horse had a real bad back.

much easier when empty

Both of these wines already have a great dark color…

do you think this will wash out?

The aftermath.

until next time, mr. or ms. barrel..

This is 35 gallons of wine.

tempranillo on left, cabernet on right

We bottled about 25 gallons from the 2010 vintage.  This means more bottles (to clean- GROAN) and of course, more wine!  Even in the pitch glasses, the lees just drops right down.  Look at that color!

temp on left, cab on right

We are totally having some of our wine at our wedding!  All we will need is some white, almond champagne, and beer.
These wines are great, and I can only give credit to my Beau since he was in the garage cellar day in and day out busting his Bonum off.  Sure I was around, but not really.  In my defense, I was editing photos from the wedding in Arizona.   I mean, I would hop on fb, but on my phone.  It was Pinterest’s fault!  I did do a lot of big girl stuff, like get a Smugmug account, and changed the brand to something with a little more broad upscale but affordable  market appeal (or at least I hope so).  Soon I’ll have a link to sell digital prints online!  Film will still be reprinted locally and then shipped or delivered.  I’m not saying anything is taking off, but it is definitely going on some road trips!


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