The tree(s) is (are) up!  Trees, you imply?  Why yes, trees.  Three of them, one real, two fake.  It’s my first real tree decorating encounter this year.  I like it.  And then my two fake ones.  So I look like I REALLY LIKE CHRISTMAS!  But while I do, in moderate amounts, I like the design of it.  I was able to have three trees and while they are different, I like to think… they kind of work.
What is also kind of cool is my first real Christmas memories are from Germany, where my family was stationed in the late 80’s.  I don’t remember Thanksgiving being a real big German thing, right after Halloween was Christmas.  Add to a (light) Catholic upbringing and that is where we are at.  And poor Fiancé, I throw him right into it, I mean, someone has to hang up the lights…

first ornament


camera ornament

One thing, I had my aperture waaaay open so everything looks like an old photo/watercolor to me.


i was singing the Joy to the world part from Christmas Vacation. Don't get it? Don't deserve the joke.

I may grumble about hour 6 into Christmas music, but I have two gigs on my itunes.  I’m not a hater, but like everything else seasonal, moderation.  Or else I am sick of it and I really don’t want that.  I have three trees.

Happy holidays from Bonum Vinum and Bespoke!



wee tree



So there are our trees!  I get to drag myself out of bed tomorrow morning and run it out.  Well, not really since I think I have shin splints.  So, bike it out, and then some low impact stuff.
We have two weeks until the east coast parents arrive… no pressure!  I am excited.  I imagine it’ll be like flying: once you are on the plane, and it takes off, you can only hope you remembered everything I need because now all I can do it sit back, listen to music, and arrive at the destination.
When it comes down to it, all I want over this visit is food.  I want dip, truffles, cookies and ham.  One of each, (the ‘one diet’ from a Janet Evanovich book.  You can only have one of something, like one piece of lettuce (a salad), one pea, or one plate of bacon).  My expectations revolve around food, I like it.


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