L’eclipse Lunaire

Oh, a blog, I have a blog.  Hey!!  I have a blog, guys!  Well, what should I do with it, write in it?  Okay, yeah!  Doesn’t that mean I’ve been busy? …sure!  So busy!  But, I was, I did have some family sessions with two amazing and fun families.  We Holiday’d, and of course, wined.

There was a lunar eclipse December 10. Since Star date said it would be visible in my area, I made sure to be aware, have the camera and shoot away.  Last year’s eclipse was between midnight and 1 in the morning.  Got it on some film, got it on the Powershot…

nothin i can say...

Glad I was able to experience it and also capture.  Astronomy and photography… does it get any better than that?  This year’s was scheduled for between 530 and 8 in the morning.  Doable.  I would make it work either way, Royal wedding?  At 4 in the morning?  I’m in.

last one before the moon set, still in eclipse


Also, I found a satellite, which I think is really cool!  The only other one I know of goes over every night between 1055 and 1115 PM.  This one was between 655 and 705AM.  Its a trail.

in the middle of this, where the line is, that is a satellite, I was excited!

In other news, the next weekend was holiday party extravaganza.  We went to three parties and the last one had a DJ, and they did not stop dancing.  I was the DD so I felt like I was trying to sleep, but yet had to move to the beat.  There was also a jeroboam of wine!  We danced all night.

Oh yeah, I was also a reindeer

For the three parties, I made eggnog cupcakes, found from pinterest, and they were gooood.


I even propped them.

i did propping.

Let me tell you, if you know someone just does not care for eggnog (and not allergic), go ahead and make these, omit the nutmeg and cinnamon (or not) and say they are French vanilla.  If I didn’t know any better, that’s what they taste like in the end.  The buttercream frosting is in a whole other league.  So good, great to dip fruit in.  Its good when you pair it with fruit, right?


Well another post, another month.  Almost the end of the year.  This weekend is our salon holiday party and there are suites rented downtown.  Then we are going to midnight at a friend’s house, which is exactly what I wanted to do! The cupcakes may make a repeat appearance, as well as a secret recipe… ooh, secrets!  Secrets about food!


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