Fall food catch up

There are times where I look back on images I dump onto my computer and have to thank my past self for getting pictures of things.  Right now I am in the process of getting images off the old computer and put them on the new.  Past photo sessions, funny pictures, food.  This time it was food.  Thank you, past self.  Even when I am almost obnoxious, it works since I can use it for something like this later.
For thanksgiving, I made the usual apple dumplings I pulled from the Pioneer Woman.  Since I can read and execute this recipe so well, I like making it.

This is where I regret not getting another apple to peel, core and slice just so I can eat it.

I'll learn one day


And maybe, just have one pre-bake, but it would mess up the numbers, or I can eat… two.

it was just a thought! Geez.


This could be the final step, and that would be fine, but it just keeps getting better…

How, you ask?  You add sugar.  I got a good snap of this, with the point and shoot and it gave me a good slow-ish shutter and f stop.  Like a sugar rainbow.

what's at the end of *this* rainbow?

aaaand keep pouring

still pouring

After adding vanilla, you pour this concoction over. the. apples.  Oh man.

it just keeps getting better


And because I got a bottle of soda, and can’t measure out by eye the right amount of Mountain Dew, I have a measuring cup.  Color and hair lightener, I can measure well, and that’s about it.   Oh, what is the Mountain Dew for?  You pour it over the apples, over the butter and sugar ness.

dew the do

spice it up

I like how it turns the house into a live Scentsy.
So here is the real funny part, it’s funny, because I either didn’t take a finish picture, or I did and it’s on the other computer, still on the camera or in a folder I can’t seem to think of at the moment.  Ha!  It’s what I do.
That brings me to my next dish… my first pumpkin pie!  I love pumpkin pie, but never made it, and its really easy.  Add some cans together, pour into pie dough. But because of Pinterest, I found an idea to have a cinamon roll pie crust.  I’m in. But the website had a few extra steps to get to the cinnamon roll part, where I just had the can in the fridge, and since I overdosed us on cinnamon rolls, it was going to waste.  So I popped it open and smushed the dough down where everything connected and it turned out great!  I will do it again, and I’ll go about it the long way (SIGH) just to say I did it.

not bad for a first pie time

I learned later I needed it to be pushed up around the sides, and I ended up leaving it in the dish since I have no pretty or practical pie transport.

cinnamon swirls


And yay, I did take a finish pic, I did this pie the night before thanksgiving, since I can autopilot the dumplings, I did those the day of.

so... what is it?

You can see the lineup for the dumplings behind the “pie”.  The crust was pretty good, and a great idea to throw down a pie with a unique crust.  This also gives me an excuse to get a glass pie dish.  Heh heh heh.
So the last dish is a red wine chocolate cake I made for a good friend’s birthday.  It also turned out real well, but the pictures are beginning… and plated.  no finish, and not even as a cake on the plate.  I made two of them, and nothing.

makin a caaake

I would say this to the tune of “makin a filter, maaakin a fillter” from Biodome.

totally licked the beaters

and the finished product.  The whipped marscapone cheese topping was so so good.  You can whip that up, and dip fruit in it.  So rich, that slight goat cheese taste, and the sweet.  I actually made another batch for the pumpkin pie.  And I ate it with the apple dumpling as well.  And put it on a bagel, and ate a bit out of the container.

a great cake

This brings us to a close, of some delicious food.
Oh yeah, it’s also New Years Day.  So what are we doing?  Nothing.  Made a great breakfast, looking at some great photos from last night and trying to convince myself to get up and clean after this.  I did make the eggnog cupcakes again…

got me an icing bag

…and champagne jellos shots!  Definitely over 100.

It gave me ideas of making jello wine shots, like a malbec… but with something else.  Or not?  Looks like we have some research to do…


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