Facing a storm

Last week, in the event of weather showing up late here in Idaho, it decides to kick it out in full gear.  Oh yeah, some storms, wind, rain or hail.  Rain, because we have 35-42 degree days lately.  I mean, I get it, I lived here 20 years (weird) and the weather is a bit late.  So these storms, odd in December, not so much when this same weather hits in say, October?  Its going to be a late, lame riding season.  In fact, Fiancé and I were pondering a Tamarack pass for next year.  This particular day, Friday, I got off early and was killing some time before a wine tasting at Bueno Cheapo Vino.  Well, I noticed the previous rain and clouds had parted, but in a hour’s time, it was purple gray outside.  And you could see this… front.  It was the storm just making its way in.

nice weather but you can hear the grumble

Also, these pictures will not line up since I want them a little bigger.  The brown thing had lightning just over and over inside of it.  You could hear the thunder within.. it was like a nature parade.

these has lightening pulsing inside

Here is a pano sweep.  I just realized I had this feature on my point and shoot.  Kind of kicking myself for not having the Nikon, but it beats using my phone.

kind of a noisy pano

Then as it got closer, it got colder, windier and wet.

this brought the wind, hail and dust

I took video of it at well, and you can hear the wind pick up.  I think it was even messing with the camera sensor since I was having a hard time getting focus.

Even when I know that things will be okay, with the exception that a lightning strike seemed really realistic at that point, I know that I will be okay.  When I was three, I was in a tornado, but not really.  It was almost mid-west territory.  We had a warning, and I remember going down into our basement, armed with all my stuffed animals, and hanging out with my Grandma.  My dad was upstairs, watching and taking pictures, and my mom was at the commissary.  We left, and went overseas for a few years and came back to the states in the 90’s, there was a thunder storm and I freaked. out. I remember not wanting to leave the food pantry and just not dealing with it well in general.
Then I realized a midst all of this, I must have remembered this tornado, but maybe never dealt with it?  And as a youngin’ maybe I should have, I dunno, voiced it a little bit?  So remembering that, and facing it, in a way, has helped me really enjoy these storms now.  I mean, I don’t care where you are, I have seen fantastic storms in the sticks in western New York (and city) and grand storms here in the high desert as well as in South Dakota when Fiancé and I drove cross country.  Storms don’t care where they are, they will throw down.   Their lightning sets our mountains (or just land and things in general) on fire.  Don’t they say there are hundreds of thunderstorms happening here on Earth all the time?

This day, when I was standing away from the car, on a natural bench of land, watching this storm just move in, I was getting quickened breath, heart was beating, kind of shaky and a little clammier than usual.  In moments like this- storm, me outside, I remember the basement, I remember seeing a funnel.  And I have to remind myself that this is nothing like that (although I was seeing some clouds form…) and to get in the car!  You have enough footage!  You can shoot from the car, the safe and grounded car.

so surreal

Next time, I’ll have the Nikon.


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