Pic a day challenge

Catch up, since I just found this blog via this blog via Pinterest. I am going to take a quick catch up and then hope hope hope I can keep this up.  How cool!  Between this and going (back) to the gym, it would give me some motivation and daily inspiration.  I kind of stopped doing ‘new years resolutions’ and just decided to do things now.
Even 5 days late.



Number one is me.  I am using the one from New Years!  Yay for wigs!

Pic of me


Number two is breakfast.  Usually I eat something that involves grits, a hard boiled egg and a cheese of some sort.  On Christmas, I eat a Native american dish called blue mush.  Its blue corn meal with some cedar ash (you can’t taste it and it’s good for you.  good for your spirit).



Number three is something I adore.  This was when we got our house and played camp-out.  We brought our dog over to sniff it out and get accustomed.  Kind of a big deal, getting a house together…

Something I adore


Number four is a letterbox.  This was too good to not use two..  This was closing weekend at our local mountain resort, Bogus Basin.




We have crazy friends.

Number five is something I wore.  I don’t take a lot of pictures of me..  And a lot are on the old computer (ignores hard drive next to me).  So this is what I got. Taken back when we were piggy-backing off a private residential winery a few years back.  Press time.

Something I wore


Number six is makes me smile.  How does this not make you smile?  This being our first year really doing this wine making thing on our own and at our house makes me really proud of this wine.

Makes me smile

And that is it up to Friday.  We are hitting the road to ski the Ghee.  Since there is no snow here, we must go to it.  This is my second out of state mountain, and it looks big, and white.  I am glad I was hitting the gym this week, get my legs and balance stronger, and my endurance.  This also means, blog material!  So long as I remember to take pictures and not hurt myself.


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