So this past weekend, the Mr. and I went to Alta, Wyoming to ride some mountain.  When the plans were starting to set in motion, I could see it, the need for the snow in the eyes.  Mine and his.  A six hour drive got us there late Friday after I got off work, loaded up the car and head out.  I have been training all week, heavier weights, slower reps.. My shin splints finally went away so I was careful not to tear it back up, and still managed to get an interval run and sprint.  As I write this now, I feel fine.  My front lead leg is a little sore, but it had no affect on the run.  All in all pretty good.  Gave her a little time to recover and got back on it.  In the back of my mind, I don’t want to crash out before our wedding, I want to go on a run the morning of.  I want to maintain these habits and yeah, probably kick it out a notch.  It was a nice reminder of a road trip we took some five years ago, driving east on I-84.  Did you know you could check in to the freeway on facebook?

The only real pictures I got were from the warmth of the lodge, but it’s better than nothing, right?   On our first run, I was able to see the Grand Teton range and it is insane.  Incredible.  Huge.  I love mountains.  They can influence weather, they sometimes have their own little weather happenings.  Mountains really put me in my place, and I still go back for more like a crazy yellow lab.

room with a view

Day one was clear up top all day, and the fog started to settle in near the end.  No real mountain chewing me up, there was some give and take bites.  I also wasn’t really challenging myself, just getting off the lift, then down the mountain was my main goal.  I had nothing but encouragement shouted at me and I could only follow it.  I felt good, the good was confirmed and it was a start to the season.

it was mutual

I called it quits with an hour to go since there was a happy hour I was interested in.  The only other girl there, Sarah, and I headed to the Branding Iron to get our hour on.  They had a deal with a bottle of wine and one app for $25.

food tome

We selected the Malbec and meat and cheese plate.   The plate had some smoked bologna and some sort of buffalo sausage.



Soon after our boys showed up.  Then we got another bottle of shiraz and the boys got some stuffed potato skins.  Delicious.  You have to imagine the pictures of this, since I didn’t get that…  but I did get the wine!!

apres wine


The rest of the crew (read: more guys) showed up and it was time for dinner.  At this point, I could feel the slug of the day catch up.  Body was still okay, but the mind was tired.  All that thinking, lean forward, watch out for all those kids, get on the lift, get off the lift.  We went to Driggs and hit up an Italian place.

food coma, then coma

It was… okay, then it got kind of politely frustrating since we wanted coffees and biscotti, and they had canollis.. but not really.  Coffee wouldn’t brew, no dessert available, oh there was the brownie and lava cake… but that is everywhere, you know?  So we headed back to the resort and lo and behold, hot coffee in the lobby.  Great success!  Then as we headed back into our room, we proceeded to get about ten and a half hours of sleep.  Between playing catch up from showing up late the night before, ride on the fumes, it just came over us.  Then we got another ride in for day two.  The guys rode way later than Sarah and I did, but we also wanted access to our room before check out.

The ride home was a nice reminder of the levels and layers in Idaho.  Cracks and crevices, plateaus and mountains.  There is a back way from Boise to Mountain Home and I like it since there are mini rock formations.  And turns.  I tried my hand at shooting while moving…



Then we made a quick stop to Shoshone Falls, turns out, there was a decent flow.

Played with a barn I shot on our way home…

it was a vision I had in mind...

Then came the sunset, for like, 2 hours.

I have always liked looking at sunsets upside down.  Always one for a different perspective.


We were also… driving west.  So it lasted extra long, I eventually had to just put the camera down.  Between the sun setting and the moon rising, I couldn’t get enough.


You’re coming on strong
You’re shining your gun
Like a setting sun


An appropriate song was playing, Chemical Brothers’ Setting Sun, I know because I commented on it.  I love the Chemical Brothers.  I get hipster on it.


You’re the devil in me I brought in from the cold
You said your body was young but your mind was very old
You’re coming on strong and I like the way
The visions we have are fading away
You’re part of the life I’ve never had
I’ll tell you now it’s just too bad
So, lesson learned?  Still got some snow legs in me, I had the best encouragement from the Mr. (as always)  And the Chemical Brothers are awesome (as always).  We miss the snow, it doesn’t even feel like winter.  That storm a couple weeks back?  Just a passing storm.
oh yeah, and upside down sunsets are always cool.

(also my first post with over 1000 words!)


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