Pic a day challenge week 2

So far, so good!  This week has been nice to collect the images for this challenge.  Now I am not entirely sure how I will post these, by the week, when I have the time… I think just getting them up will be enough of a success for me!

Number 7 is my favorite –  I love this position.  Position shear.  This is my tool to make things happen.

Number 8 is my sky – the sky that morning.  We live near a relatively busy intersection and almost daily there is a pullover.  We are also near 2 or 3 school zones.

my sky

Number 9 is daily routine – My tea.  I started drinking tea in the mornings into the day again.  I like my coffee, but I tend to drink it on the weekends, or in the evenings.  I had a huge coffee in the car for New Years Eve, just sipping on it throughout the night..

daily routine

Number 10 is my childhood.  My parents have a picture of 4 year old me on this.  One day, 3 living situations ago, my parents were dropping food off at my place and “some other things” and I came home to this.

my childhood

Number 11 is where we sleep.  This is pretty much a hodge podge bed.  We don’t have anything that matches, random quilts and pillows to prop us up or stuff under the knee…

where we sleep

I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Except I will probably end up rigging christmas lights up somehow..

Number 12 is close up.. I wear my Hamsa everyday.  It kind of started as a thing and next thing I know, its with or on me everyday.  It’s my protection, it is my luck, and I tend to touch it a lot.

close up


Number 13 is in my bag… Hoo boy…

in my bag

So there is another week of picture a days.  Kind of nice thinking “what will I photograph?” Except for the “where I sleep” unless it was our wax room..


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