Pic a Day Challenge week 3

Or it could be Pic a day challenge part 3.. Ah well.
14 – Something I’m reading – Trying to get into the crock pot.  We had some beef brisket this weekend after a day of snowboarding, and to come back to the cabin smelling delicious, it was a reminder of what we need to do more.

15 – happiness – I am breaking the rules, unless I took a picture of this picture (hah).  I love pictures of us and this is from the past, but it was taken in January.

16 – morning – I have been veering away from the grits with hard boiled egg so I have ventured into yogurt with apples and granola.  The brown sugar was a treat from leftover over measured sugar.  A shame, really.
17 – water – This was another opening into the “lenses” of mine.  This was taken through a glass of pbr.  I am breaking the rules again, not the ‘right night’ but taken in this month.  We went to see a few band downtown and it was a real good time, especially when I found this tool…
18 – something i bought – My cards!  I finally got the order right, and in.  My first batch was a spelling error on my part.  Oh well, they were cheap, but I wanted them corrected, and I got a promo code in the mail.  Then they came back horribly made.  So I told them, and they redid them, and they are here!!
19 – sweet – Ahhhhh.  Sweet cold snow.  This was the warmer night.  But it was SO NICE to see the white goody goodness everywhere.

20 – Someone I love – I had to break the rules again and use a picture from last year, but only because I can’t chase him around the house and get a picture of the two of us (again). Got a current picture of us snowboarding!

21 – Reflection – Another broken rule.  I can’t help it.  This is another favorite.  This was at the Empire State Building sometime before my boyfriend turned into a Fiance.
22 – My shoes – Ah, one of my favorite pairs!  It is a Pavlovian response when these are on my feet.  Things will be happening.

So another… ten day update.  It was still a challenge to remember what the day was, on the next day.  But still getting a picture, until it came to the favorites.  It was going to be either pictures of us, the dog, our wine, snow… lack of snow.


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