Pic a day challenge week 4

23 – Something old – kodak camera.  I have started keeping my eye open for these guys.  For the right price, I take them home, where they can retire.

24 – Guilty pleasure – Toblerone.  It was really “what picture of chocolate or non Bumble or Aveda product will I take?  Chocolate won.

25 – Something I made – Bonum wine labels.  What more can I say.  These labels are essentially a conversation between the fiance and I.

26 – Color – This is something on the daily…

27 – Lunch – Ghetto Zen Bento.  I started trying to incorporate more quinoa into the diet and it it really good.  I also like love Zen Bento, however a daily meal adds up.  Bought their ginger soy sauce, and started making my own.  Then I took the rice out and put quinoa in.  Not too bad.

A little late, but it is better than never??  I have been actually busting my chops over at Bespoke getting the fall photo sessions up and the Garden aGlow.  Got them all fine tuned and they will start churning out!  And, I must admit, the snow finally arriving has been a nice distraction.  Painful, but nice.


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