Pic a Day Challenge week 5

28 – Light-  I decided I was going for some ‘concept’ for this one, we have frosted windows that face a traffic light and I always like the scatter.  What can I say, I’m a sucker for light…

29 –  Inside my fridge – Not really an Old Mother Hubbard situation, but I am still on my eat-healthy-be-healthy kick so while this picture looks good content-wise, behind the containers on the left is beer.

30 – Nature.  A cheat picture!   This was going on a hike to Table Rock, a local quarry with this giant cross at the top. I went with my boss one late afternoon, a series of fortunate events gave me this chance.  I have hiked up here with her before, but not for a looong time, and this time, we went a different way and these cliffs come out of nowhere!  The trail is now flat after some crazy steep stuff, and the other side of this trail is the drop off (its a huge trail), and you can see the southeast Treasure Valley, well most of the valley, the east side just comes into view.

31 – Me, again.  Oh. Man.  To get a picture of myself was like pulling teeth- just put me under and do it!  Asking Fiance was out of the question since that would make it ten times worse, like to have him experience how bad it is to get a even semi-decent picture of me, is painful to think about.  And it’s not even a vanity issue, it’s like, I blink, mouth is moving weirdly, somehow I moved, my hands look like that of a dinosaur…
Then I think about the Big Day pictures, and that makes me quease…

Annnd we are in February!

Still chugging along with the list from fatmumslim

1 – My view – I am beginning to think most of these pictures will be of snow…  This was an early work night for me so four of us headed to Bogus to get some runs in.  Shred some gnar.  But not me.  I stay where it’s lit…

2 – Words – I saw a calendar in my masseuse’s room and i always loved it, simple images with great quotes.  One day I went to the Record Exchange and their calendars were 40% off!  And I found one!  Now I just need to find a place to hang it  up.  Ordinarily I would put it in the office, however I am not in there as much so I want to be able to see it, the Mastiff calendar has the kitchen spot…  First world problem..

So, there we go, another week, kind of.   I guess there is some football game on this weekend?


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