Cupcakes and wine

So for the superbowl I made cupcakes.  I am not well versed in this game, but I like it, say it with me now, “For the (you said)commercials food”.  Oh.  Fiance makes a buffalo chicken wing dip and a queso that I can’t. stop. eating.  It’s delicious.  Now, off to the gym.

So I made some Mexican chocolate cupcakes, I found the recipe online last year, and I use this recipe as the base for most of the ‘on the fly’ cupcakes.  I have dusted these with powered sugar every time I have made these, so frosting them was going to be a first.


I decided to get better at taking pictures of the food I make.  Still pretty bad at it.  This time, I found my settings with the kit lens, then popped on the wide angle.  I think I had a dream where my wide angle was at an orphanage of lenses or something of the sort.  Either way I remember I woke up one morning and after I let the dog out I went and put the wide angle on the Nikon body, and put it back into its bag, and let the dog in.   I love the kit lens, great glass, superior pictures, shot me a wedding and other sessions..



Look!  A football field… of cupcakes

not even close to scale


So.  Something else that’s cool?  The labels we designed, well, we finally decided to get some printed!  We are arranging a ‘tasting’ with some people whose wine opinion we seek.  Let me tell you, labels turn the ‘bootleg’ bottle look off.  Its awesome!  I love how they turned out.  I did campaign for a star trail on a label, since we have three vintages to play with, and I got it!

The uh, application of the labels were fairly executed.


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