Pic a day Challenge week 6

Well, a little bit of week 5, too.

Day 3 – Hands. I am trying to be more “babe, lets take a picture/i need you for this picture” and he obliges, then throw in… a shocker of a hand gesture.

Lucky for me he will comply when I freak out! and tell him do something different!  I like how I left my rings a kilter.  Mocha was on doggie downers at the time since she had minor pancreatitis.  Yeah oh man, so sorry, but she did it to herself, ate about a pound and a half of raw beef.  THANKS FOR DINNER, LOVE MOCHA.


Day 4 – A stranger. Oh, I freaked on this, talk to someone? Someone I don’t know?  Yeah okay.  I had to run to Zurcher’s and try and not blow the budget, but seriously, do we have to have SO MANY cupcake liners?  So while I am browsing wedding things cupcake liners and sprinkles (how did I get here??) I think, ‘oh! I can get a picture of a stranger here, I could just pretend I am texting’ then it’s like just kidding, that is super creepy’.  I am sure it was an idea to approach someone- a stranger and then to take their picture, but that’s kind of a thing with me, which is funny, since I do hair and talk to people all the time.
Lucked out when we went to a birthday party/last day of working at The Tavern and I was encouraged to get one in the restaurant.  And if this person ever recognizes themselves, sorry! It was on the list!


Day 5 – 10 AM Superbowl Sundaaaay.  And it was the Giants, so it was a big deal, texts, NBC on all day.  Except at 10 AM where I was starting the Mexican chocolate cupcakes.  I wanted to do a blue buttercream frosting with white sprinkles.  The final product was cute with the liners (that you can hardly see since.. the cupcakes are brown.

Day 6 – Dinner.  Since superbowl was a taco bar, I said wanted to bring carne asada from a local Mexican market, but forgot to bring them, so we made tacos for Monday.  So.  Good.

7 – Button.  What more can I say?  I gotta press it!

More buckling down over at Bespoke.  Got a project I am working on, I hope everything goes… well, I just hope it goes.


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