Pic a day Challenge week 7

This past week was a blur.  Between feeling a tad under the weather, and working late at Bespoke for my first art show at Happy Fish.  I am so so SO excited, things are starting to come together, getting prints ordered, materials to hang and display.. OH!  There will be whole post (or more) regarding all of this.  I think talking about it makes it surreal.  A good one, but I feel like when I am there, hanging up things, it will be really real.  One thing is for sure, I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without the help of my awesome assistant (Fiance-Man! Yes, like a superhero), who spun his arms around, over and over at my direction.  And when I told him, I am going to try and write “bespoke” (and it… wasn’t that bad) what can he do?  “Do whatever you want” and it just… worked.  I am so pleased.

Okay.  Picture a day time.
Day 8 -Sun

Day 9 – Front Door.  Yup.  Still have the snowflake on her.  It will stay up probably until we go on a rafting trip.  We are in denial.  Fiance’s gchat status is set to “snow” year-round.  I did score a 60% off clover door hang, hey, there is some Irish afoot.

Day 10 – Selfie.  Ugh, really, fatmumslim???  haha Decided to try this with my warpcam app.

Day 11 – Makes me happy.  Novelty stuff.  I love it!  Oversized, miniature.. food.  This was my very first purchase at Cracker Barrel.  What I like about this picture it I am drinking tea.  Its lightly steeped English Breakfast, so kind of like coffee?

Day 12 – Inside my closet.  I “installed” Christmas lighting in my closet.  I use it… occasionally.  Tie rack holding my costume/talisman jewelry.

Day 13 – Blue.  Oh these lights.  Used them a lot this past week, and I am nothing but pleased with the results.

So, another few days, some more pictures, an art show in March (eeee! I said it!) and tonight we are getting our Bonum on and having the owners of Bueno Cheapo Vino try it and give us a review.   So excited!


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