Pic a day challenge week 8

Day 14 – Heart.  Ah yes, Valentine’s Day.  It was a Tuesday and we had exchanged cards in the morning, and by the evening, I had called Superb Sushi for a Valentine dinner at home.

Day 15 – Phone.  Here is my Droid.  My first smartphone and I haven’t managed to kill it!

Day 16 – Something new.  Almonds.  These wasabi almonds are addicting.  Smokehouse- habit forming, wasabi- addicting.

Day 17 – Time.  Uh, uhhh, these pictures were taken sort of in a hurry.  The true day, Friday, it was time to leave to go to Mt. Hood.  When we got back, I noticed that I haven’t set my watch back.   I also love this watch, not as much as this one, but its a start.  Danish, water resistant and metal.  Scored it from a clothing consignment shop.  I wear it all the time.  I also put my watch on the dog, this is not my arm.

Day 18 – Drink.  I swear up and down I took a picture of the Irish stout at Double Mountain Brewery but my phone likes to eat things.  So I stole this from their website.  Let’s see how long this picture lasts!

Day 19 – Something I hate to do.  Drive at night.  I think the things on the side of the road are people, animals, schools of fish.  It is just a ticking clock to get glasses, I’m sure.  This was on the way home from Mt. Hood, I did the last 4 hour leg, listening to DJ Icey, sipping on a coffee every ten miles.  Definitely a battle between sleep and wake.
Day 20 – handwriting.  My handwriting.  My dog has better penmanship I would think.  In reality, I am so used to texting, email.. all that usual say.  I mean, we had an Aveda color class and they are big on groups and writing facts on big post it notes.  When we got to the post it I wrote on for the group, which, in hindsight made no sense, the educator actually lost her flow.  “And, what does this say?”
I thought, what the heck am I going to write?  Do I write something and take a picture of it?  The only thing I have been writing lately is my signature.
Then I remembered that I have a tablet, and a slogan!

Another week blurred by.  Ordered my prints on Friday before we left to ride Mt. Hood and got them Monday.  They are all laying out to see how I will like them.  I can see it in my mind, maybe I should drink more stout…


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