All good in the Hood

Another weekend driving to a snow storm.  It was a crazy one, to say the least.  Fiance and I went to Mount Hood to whoop it up for what ended up being two days of riding.
Day one was get up and go go go, on the road from The Dalles by 730 it was a whirlwind, then it really was a whirlwind at the mountain.  On top of the inches that came down, there were gusts up to 50-60mph at the top of the lifts… Good thing I live in Idaho for as long as I have… And I have Fiance, who I will call The Guide for this post, telling me “Yeah, I didn’t want to tell you” but I already looked at the weather report!!
Anywho, we got to the mountain and we were in the storm.  At the top of every lift was whiteout mega wind in my FACE.  Good thing we have our Melanzana underlayers with the Knights of the Round Table cinch-y hoodie.  This thing seals you in from the elements.  A good friend of mine gifted me mine, and I finally got one for The Guide (tee hee!).  We were well suited for this crap.  I usually leave everything (phone, point and shoot) in the car, and I did just that on day one.  I did survive, and we traipsed around both lodges getting the experience, beer, appetizers, pictures (on The Guide’s phone) … and bathroom breaks.
Photo credits by my loving Fiance.

Lodge fireplace


checking out the view

For après-ski, we  went into Hood River and mauled on some bruschetta, and ordered a pizza to go (kind of) at Double Mountain Brewery.  And had several beers.  They had an Irish Stout.  Pretty sure I just put the menu down and was ready to order.



mmm beer

I was craving stout.  It started at the lodge, with an oatmeal stout that looked the most appealing to me.  Oh, and the taste.  Perhaps I was delirious from the mountain constantly gnawing on me, but this beer was AMAZING.  And snowboarding will do that to me, want beers.
So day two was go, go… go.  Turns out our hotel was right next to some abandoned shacks of some sort so I headed on over and snapped away.
Got on the road, still made good time, but The Guide was counting on the Magic Mile lift opening, ugh, just talking about it has my ‘tummy making a fart’- (You all should really watch The Art of Flight, the new Red Bull snowboard moving with Travis Rice just eating mountains for breakfast lunch and dinner).
Riding all day, lift lines a little longer, but still expediting us all well, and the clouds are thinner, you can see the peak. It was like opening the door to Narnia.  Where the hell are we?  What is this giant mountain peak staring at me like that for?

looming over us all day yesterday

All of the runs we did yesterday are unfamiliar again, I couldn’t see a foot in front of me on day one, never knew where I was going or what was up or down (at the top of the runs, the bottom would clear out) now we are doing the same runs and they are still new to me.
Then, after being on standby all morning, we see the chairs on the Magic Mile lift (they take them all off on this lift of else they would be blocks of ice).  We run back to the truck to load up on food, I mean we are just stuffing sandwich meat and pulled pork in our mouths, then eating crackers.. just get it in.  Then pour some Red Bulls down our throats and off we go.

this is crazy this is crazy this is crazy

Getting to the top of the Magic Mile, the clouds are clearing up to see the freaking top of this beast we’ve been riding.  I mean, who does this???

We do.


can't beat the view


I have said it all day, but I was riding for the stout.  Mmmm.  We rode the top, rode around some more, The Guide is hopping off of everything, I am just trying to keep my speed up, this mountain was huge!  The runs were long!

It sure gets lonely at the top, sure feels weird, you're falling out

In the end, I was telling The Guide on our way home, that we had an amount of fast food that I am ashamed to admit, drank wine, Red Bull, beers, pizza and then proceeded to hurl ourselves down this… mountain.  We killed our bodies from inside and out, and it was awesome.

calling it a day


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