pic a day challenge week 9

Ah geez, am I still doing this?? Apparently so.  It’s almost an anchor in my day, “wait, what was today’s potd??”
Day 21 – a fave photo of me, from our road trip from ID to NY back in 2007.  This was our first ‘sight’ on the route and after we learned it was $10 PER PERSON we turned around, took a picture of us and said good day.  I liked my hair then, I was actively rocking orange with a purple panel on top.  Those were the (hair) days.

Day 22 – where I work- The Beehive! I have been here nearly seven years, and I love every moment of it!  For Bespoke work, it would be a picture of the camera, the computer, me… it ended up being the ‘night’ picture here in a few days.

Day 23 – your shoes, hey, I have a cartoon camera app.  Can you tell??

Day 24 – inside bathroom cabinet.  And I got another retro camera app, this is an old old camera effect and I likey!  It does replicate an old camera pretty well.  Gets me every time.

Day 25 – Green.  My water bottle!  From Ross! So it leaks all the time, when not upright, so picky, this water bottle is.

Day 26 – night.  In the ‘studio’ working on my art show this Thursday (eeEEEeeeee)

Day 27 – Something I ate – mediocre Pad Thai!  It’s always better at Sawadee, but I’m not too picky when the craving hits.

Day 28 – money.  Coin purse!  Talismans everywhere, they spill out of everything, my vest, purse, pockets.. they float in my car…

Annnother week (or so) another set of pictures.
I have an art show this week!  This is nuts, and I feel so so fortunate for Orriginal getting me ‘this gig’.  I loved working for it, loved getting the photos, the vision that I had in the back of my head for- who knows how long.  It was one of those, oh I’ll get to it someday.. It was like my client at the salon who wanted the ombre hair, my first one!  And now it is evolving into this blendy, pinteresty color.  Got me off my box, on to Behind the Chair (an industry website, ‘zine, culture) and got the videos, papers, boards and brushes, and off we went!
Again, I am super humbled, fortunate, and ecstatic!
So, all of you who are reading this, come on down to Happy Fish, I’d love to see you 🙂


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