Pic a Day challenge Week 10

It is nothing short of a blogging miracle I found the Pic a Day challenge. I am too busy to pause and think of things, and too busy to remember what I was doing.  So that could translate to: we went on no snow trips, (well, didn’t, but The Guide did) and I was terrible at taking daily photos… that make sense.

Up – I love love love that this pic fell on my art show day!!  I was looking up, things were looking up, my photos were hung up!

Fruit – Apples, enough said?  Well, I found these Lady Alice apples and they are like a cross between a Honeycrisp and an Ambrosia (good firm fruit, not too sweet, not too tart, nice and crispy- Also, I am not an apple scientist).

Your neighborhood – Well, we live on a cul-de-sac and it’s off of a street, not in a suburb.  I guess back before they made a major road a more major road, we were in a suburb of sorts, then then the major road thing happened ( a long time ago maybe 15-20 years?) and this whole street side got a switcheroo.

Bedside – Aannnnnd activate cartoon camera app.  My beside is so… well, it would explain a lot of things zen-wise..

A smile – Oh… fatmumslim.  Things are better now that there are camera apps that I can filter a lot and get effects.  Not in a bad way, just, pictures of me are boring.

5pm –  Well, I was working, I may have been in a blowdry, but this was taken at 5pm… Saturday.

Another blob of days, another blob of pictures!  I am working on getting a preview of City Enigmatic, to get an idea for the readers not in Idaho (Hi Jess).
Nothing really else.  I am fighting a, something.  I an tired and coughing.  I think my body is trying to take a nap.  Made some spaghetti sauce for the month, getting ready to do another (that’s right, another) slow cooker pork and get back into the gym.  Boy have I completely ignored that.


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