Pic a Day Challenge Week 11

Some more days, some more pictures!  I am so ready to do a weekend drive n’ shoot.  Its going to be an all of it kind of weekend, dreary, then sunny and nice.  I am also making Irish car bomb jello shots for Irish New Year St. Paddy’s day.  This will be good for the food post I have coming up.  Yay!

Day 7 – Something I wore.  Stripes!  Its an old Gap shirt, so comfy, it may turn into a day off shirt soon..


Day 8 – Window.  This is our entryway, kind of a cool looker.  It is a film, but it’s better than nothing.  Gives a cool, diffused light.

Day 9 – Red.  Wine, do you think I was going to use something else???


Day 10 – Loud – Well, this was the only good thing I can post from pics taken this day.  It was a bachelorette for a good friend and, it was loud.  These cans o’ champagne were a blast!  I CAN’t wait to have these on the cabarton!

Day 11 – Someone I talked to today.  That day was a beauty supply sale, time to stock up on some things, grab extra samples..


Day 12 – Fork.  I wanted to drive by the restaurant, but got the actual fork, instead.  Now I want butter cake.  Wah.


Day 13 – A sign.  This is sitting right outside our living room window.  We live off a fairly busy street.  A lot of pull overs… in front of our driveways.  So far we have seen 2 or 3 broken down cars, one flat tire and one evening we saw a bicyclist get pulled over by a cop car.


Day 14 – Clouds


Day 15 – Car.  My little mermaid.


Another blob of days.  Rainy, snow melting days.   The off season is near.  I really want to snowboard for my birthday, which is also Easter, and I like bunnies and chocolate so there is a lot of win.  Maybe I will even take pictures!


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