Pic a Day Challenge – Week 13

Day 25 – Breakfast.
This is not my picture, but it is needed.  We had breakfast at the hotel, and it was… not bad.  Granted, (prepare for rant) this was a night I could not sleep.   I get the whole can’t sleep in not my bed deal, but I have never been that way.  No, the last few times we have stayed in hotels, the strangest loudest things happen. *Mature content ahead- you’ve been warned*
The wedding I shot in Arizona?  Well I’ll say that the people above us were really really loving each other all night.  All night long.  Night before riding at Targhee?  More loud love.  And this was confirmed by my female counterpart upon our arrival.  Now I am pretty good about getting myself back to sleep, provided I have  few things: eyemask, and OTC sleep aids. I have yet to bring these things with me.  I have tied t-shirts around my head to just shut my eyes.  Like a doll.  There, now sleep!
This hotel was no different, we were on the second floor on a three story building, no big.  We were also above the pool.  Sweet, now our dog can lop around and not really disturb.  Well, that night, we were in and out, poured wine that we did not drink, and I fell asleep watching PBS talk about glaciers.  Well, I finally shut down the room, got us in to sleepin gear and hit the lights.  1:15-30 AM.  Not thirty minutes later, our neighbors above clabbered into their room.  And it sounded like several of their friends. That may or may not have been linebackers.  Ugh, I think, I try and get back to the sleep patterns and keep hearing loud shouting, laughing, the tv blaring… until I am really woken up around quarter to 4 by more noise, and then a loud thud.  I scan our room and decide the largest thing is the circa 1996 crt television, with a mid-sized fridge coming in second, and the honorable mention to the hotel lounge chair. More noise, more clabber, and I snap… groggley.. I finally call the front desk and mumble into the phone as calmly and coherently as I can.  “I heard a loud thud, like the tv or something fell”.

*Steps down from soap box, but sits on it*

So I tied the shirt on to my head, cursing my forgetting an eyemask and OTC sleep aids, and tried to get my self back to sleep.  Only to be woken up by our faithful clock, the mastiff. To be let out and tended to.  I noticed the breakfast bar was happening. I made a waffle for Fiance, and biscuits and gravy with a mini bagel.  Most of what I did not eat, but I was munching on car snacks before and after.  And failed to take a picture. This is from the website.
Day 26 – Key – Necklace.  One of my faves, picked it up at Urban Outfitters on my way out the door.

Day 27 – Your name – Extreme tilt-shift!  Actually, I just need to have some degree of privacy, ya feels me?

Day 28 – Trash.  Well, sort of.

Day 29 – feet – Massive mastiff feet.    
Day 30 – Toy.  My pinhole camera.  I am two pictures away from emptying it out.  I think.

Day 31 – Where I relax – Nothing like a glass of pinot or malbec in a Go Vino glass.

Another week, late, but complete.  I did make cold brewed coffee and- AND took pictures, so I am working on that.  Also found a ton more Sibbz images so I am fine tuning those.  not to mention two different abandoned places.  It is also a fairly busy week.  A lot of early mornings at the Hive.  And I take my photos down from Happy Fish. It was a nice run, I started working out in the morning again- so far- and it feels so good.  That also means writing and editing in the morning is back to a minimum and as convenient as the WordPress app is on the phone…  I like it better on the computer.


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