Beverage Medley – Mostly bubbles

Another installment of the Beverage Medley, in a sort of random assortment.
The first is a box of wine from Powers.  This is an eight dollar glass at a local restaurant.  A twenty-two dollar box?  Don’t mind if I do!

say it with me now..

It is a great way to “just have a glass in the evening”.  However, due to recent events (getting fit) it is more like, “every other day cabernet”.  Also, note the post-it note recipes.  Pretty sure those are the Irish car bomb jello shots.
The next beverage is a grand, grand one.  Sofia Coppola sparkling white wine… in a can!  It.. it’s beautiful.  Still too big to carry-on for flying (drat!), great for poolside, river trips, snowboarding…


The last beverage is sort of a medley in its own.  I have always been a fan of the San Pellegrino sparkling juice drinks.  Made with cane sugar, not too sweet or tart (with the personal exception of the Limonata, kind of tart) it’s a total sweet drink treat for me.
Now to my delight, I found out there are two new flavors!  Aranciata Rossa, a blood orange flavor, and Pompelmo, which is grapefruit.

Some three drink that are worth trying out.  I did go to the new local soda shop, and subsequently lost the bottles from February.  I remember what we got, so it may be a borrowed image type of post.
Any body have a favorite go-to drink? Anyone on the Kombucha train?


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