Pic a Day Challenge Week 16

This could be called “guess who like their tilt shift camera phone app” or “most of these were taken in a hurry”.  Either way they are completed. I am kind of wishing I were an octopus so I can edit, clean the house, cook, deal with the plants outside…

Day 15 – Sunset .
Day 16 – flower – Tulips outside our house, bloomed, showed their colors, then the wind blew them all away into our fence and tree.
Day 17 – Something I don’t like – Diverted Bumble and Bumble. No.  No no no no no.  It is not guaranteed, if it is even the product it says it is.  The people at Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target, Fred Meyer do not know this product.
Day 18 – Hair – I may or may not  have donned this for this pic.
Day 19 – Orange – Ah, the remote shutter release release.  This was the crucial piece I love having getting action shots of my friends coming down Brundage Mountain.

Day 20 – something i drew – Hearts and hearts and hearts and hearts…

So with that being.. posted, I am working on this week, got the list for May (I am still doing this!)  and working on the photos at Bespoke, that place… people should hang out with me at Bespoke, great things happen, I may have talked a friend into a maternity shoot… Eeee!


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