Pic a Day Challenge week 18

More pics this week, more pics next week, more the week after that…
Day 27 – Somewhere I went.  Well, we went to Twig’s, our first time.  Our friend we were with has his wine, Vin Du Bois, there and they are scrumptious.  Both were reds.  We had them with the renowned strawberry rhubarb pie.  Got the last pieces, too.

Day 28 – 1pm.  On this particular day, it was a day to get a little work done while PBS is on in the background.  Breakfast is made, the day is laid out, then it is get down to business and do semi-productive adult chore things.

Day 29 – Circle.  The circle of life, food.  The circle of Italian life, manicotti.  My first attempt, and while trying to reduce the ‘lover’ from the meat lovers recipe, I turned it into a cheese and severely moderate meat lover’s manicotti.  That was one heavy dish.

Day 30 – something that makes me sad.  Taken from my Facebook status-
“My seasonal affective disorder must be opposite. I just saw Shafer Butte, aka Bogus Basin’s front face and most of the snow is gone. From white to brown. Sad face 😦 Can’t wait for next season shred some gnar, breh.”

While it was noted that whitewater rafting is the antidote, I still miss riding to the back-backside just to have some beers on the deck.  Also, while this year the crappiest I have seen it in years, the days we rode were some great days.
Into May!
Day 1 – Peace.  Sort of.  We have moments, but I think a little toy poodle was coming around so naturally doggie wants to investigate.

Day 2 – Skyline.  I just had to 🙂.
Weeky weeky week.  Late and late and late.  I did a rogue photographer escapade this week.  At the annual Art at the Modern, I got access to a room (to store my stuff) and followed a friend around to document, and to help her find new artists for Happy Fish Sushi restaurant.


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