Pic a Day Challenge week 19

Got a little bottleneck backlog on the pic a days but worry us not!  For I have been taking pictures and trying really hard to suck it up and construct posts via mobile.  Not the best, but it actually is pretty effective in getting the content in.

May 3- Something I wore today – Art at the Modern Hotel.  It was a great experience to tag along with someone who was affiliated with a room 🙂
May 4 – fun!  Getting some Muy Bueno tasting in the new room at Bueno Cheapo Vino.
May 5 – Bird.  This is borderline still kind of sad.  I lost my last bird in December, on a night where I was promoting… feather extensions.  This is some wall art I got from a friend at work.
May 6 – You (me).  I broke a point and shoot camera last summer but it still works and the pictures are… unique.

May 7  – someone that inspires me
I will throw a dice out there, and say Bumble and Bumble Creative Technical Lead Zoe Wiepert.  She is so creative, a twitter I can follow.  Great mind for hair color inspiration, which I like to keep as some of my top priorities.
Honorable mentions go to my mom and dad, fiance, co-workers and friends, chefs, editorial stylists, some winemakers, artists of all genres, our dog…



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