Pic a day challenge Week 21

Pic a day.  For May. Almost done.  With pic a day.  For May.
Day 13 – Mom.  A picture from way way back, at a Boise State football game, that I went to.  That’s how far back that is.  I have a picture somewhere of all of us, but I have no idea where it went.  I felt bad I was out of state, but we had a great phone conversation of me talking her into how to get away for a wine weekend.
Day 14 – Grass.  Our backyard, and I did a feet picture!  Hey, would you look at that.
Day 15 – Love- interpreted by me. Also, it was a Tuesday, so I was feeling like I looked pretty haggard.  We had drove ten hours the day before.  Sort of fatigued.
Day 16 – What I’m reading. Cooks country magazine.  Almost close to a food reference slash bible.  I am thinking hard about how to justify a membership.. so much.. reliable access.. aagh.

Day 17 – snack – So Fraser wine was having a tasting of their Petite Sirah and Cabernet release, and they were pouring 6 month old Malbec and Cabernet.  Zeppole and the Chocolat Bar had some of their goodies out for the tasting.
Day 18 – something I made – Ah yes, the ol’ “I’m trying on some wedding dresses so I better get ‘into shape’ but only kind of”
Ah, whatever 😉
Day 19 – A favorite place – Superb Sushi!  Our friend’s son and his girlfriend were in town from North Carolina so naturally, we head to Superb.

Oh pic a day… keeping this little blog barely above water… I found my manicotti pictures, and we did go on a trip to Napa Valley in California so I am getting that going.  What a great wine valley, I was loving how green everything was, and how some wineries were dog friendly 🙂



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