Pic a day challenge Week 22

Pic a day, getting my pic a day.  I got the June list and it was nice to be inspired by it.  Getting the blog on a better, slightly lively-er schedule and still get out and shoot.
Day 20 – Something I can’t live without.  I got my tea kick back on.
Day 21 – Where I stand.  Everyday, they get a drink.
Day 22 – Pink.  Photo props.

Day 23 – Technology.  Would you look at these?  A wine chiller and electric bottle opener.  Where are we going?

Day 24 – Something new.  Getting bigger, I can’t wait to see what else I haven’t killed off.

Day 25 – Unusual.  Unfinished wine.  Unfortunately it happens.  I think what I will start doing is start putting it all in one bottle for cooking.  Can’t be all that bad.

Day 26 – 12 O’clock.  Minus 2 hours.
Another week.. lateish.  But done.  I like June, it has some different prompts, which will be fun to explore.


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