Pic a Day Challenge Week 24

Into June, getting back into my groove.
Day 3- On my plate.  i went to a baby shower that morning and there was salmon for salad.  Uhhgguhh.  Must make for dinner.  A few years ago, one of my first ‘non chicken parmesan’ meals for Fiance was salmon with a balsamic glaze.  Delish.

Day 4- Close Up.  Doggie got the pleasure of being the picture for today.  Also because I kept forgetting to take pictures of anything else.

Day 5-  Sign.  We got this from my parents this past Christmas.  Fitting.  And I love these vintage (haha, get it?) style signs.

Day 6-  Hat.  This is my airplane hat.  I can pop my earbuds in, pull this hat waaay down over my eyes and crash out.  Great for our flights back to New York.

Day 7-  Drink.  Shiraz.

Day 8-  Six o’clock.  Double whammie.  I was up at 6.. ish AM and got some cool sunrise pictures, although the better of it was about 3 minutes before… and 6PM at Bueno, doing what we do best.

Day 9- My view today.  Editing, sorting out photos… drinking tea, eating veggies and blueberries.  Typical.. except for the veggies.  I’m sure it used to be candy.

Another week, another blob of pictures.  Getting caught up, forcing myself on the blogs.   We are going to Savor Idaho, this wine and food event, and from the looks of it, mostly wine.  Awesome.


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