Vin Voyage- Sonoma Valley California

Day two of wine tour extravaganza.  I feel like this is a weird break in the wine trip. I thought it would be a good idea to do Sonoma in it’s own post… with waaay less pictures.  But a post is a post, and so it goes..
First we drove through Napa, into their downtown, I guess and then onto Spring Mountain road, and gained like, hundreds of feet in elevation in about 3 minutes.  I liked it.
First stop, Schweiger vineyard, just a random stop, since we had no cell phone service on that road.  But at the actual tasting room, it was okay, seeing how I checked in on Facebook from there.

Schweiger winery and tasting room

We were a little more ‘can we bring our dog in or around here?’

Doggie friends

She was pretty well recieved
Right off the mountain, we headed to St. Francis winery, a noted dog friendly winery.  They also had some tasty jellies made with wine.  There was a chipotle viognier jelly that had us hooked.

St. Francis winery


View at St. Francis

Then off to Loxton winery.  We got a sneaky taste of their reserve cabernet.  Yum.

Loxton winery


where to next..?

Next stop, Audelssa winery.  Or the tasting room.

Audelssa tasting room

This was a sign in the parking lot behind Audelssa.

“Feed me your clothes!”

Last stop for the day, Mayo winery.  We left doggie in the, it was nice and the sun was low.  Left the windows wide open and we headed inside!  On the far wall, that is a big 3D map of the California Appellations.

Mayo winery

Then, off to Cafe Citti, a place twice recommended to us that day.   This is like a ‘locals’ place, not much of a tourist money trap.  Plus, they have no corkage fee, so that makes it a big plus.

Garlic caeser salad


linguine with their puttanesca sauce

Then, we head back into Fairfield, and made one last stop..

we made it

I was behind a guy who was ordering things animal style, I was just going to get a double with cheese.  I slipped in an animal style for the fries.  Not to shabby.

So glad I remembered this ‘secret menu’

I don’t really turn down cheeseburgers.
Then, back to our room, snacks brought back out and we nibbled and sipped wine, and watched Bridesmaids on the laptops, since everything on TV was just… really bad to watch.

Forgot our GoVino glasses

Our temporary kitchen.  This was our first day, I made breakfast.  Like a boss.
Here is our room.  We always look for pet-friendly hotels, since we like to bring her along.  She is getting used to traveling, as far as not getting sick (she never really did) and taking care of her potty business.

our 70 hour home

Okay, so I was doing my usual ‘shooting while driving’ and I got this, and as I was shooting it, I mentioned this could be where the “Bliss” wallpaper for Windows XP.  Once I got home, I got my Google search on and am convinced I got a little bit of the hill.  I remember looking it up, and in the back of my mind knew it was in California wine country.
So, you be the judge, the top image is the location in November 2006, the middle my image and the bottom is the wallpaper.  I cut it out to the spot I shot it at..
Also, one last little gem, Napa Valley Petroleum. we drove by this place a few times and every time I got mega smug and we threw up our finger mustaches and did the smug laugh.

I was pretty obnoxious passing this place

So this concludes our trip to Napa and Sonoma, getting a new found knowledge for California wines.   The Bespoke-y pictures are next door, at Bespoke so be sure to check those out!



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