Pic a day Challenge week 25

Getting into summer, trying to get my night shots.  DYING to go to Stanley. I will go, I must…
Day 10- Best bit of my weekend.  We were gonna go to Montana to see a friend, but there were tornado warnings inside and out of their house.  We rescheduled that for later this summer.
So, I made a drive to Blacks Creek.  Before I even got close to getting there, I saw a guy looking my age running up the side of the hill.  He had driven his truck over the side of the road.  I drove him back to cell phone reception and left him there. He was coming into Boise from Prairie, a mega small mountain town, to get groceries.  Crazy, right?  I made a nice.
Then we did Savor Idaho, a wine and food event at the Idaho Botanical Gardens.  After that, we met a friend at Bier Thirty and nom’d their stuffed mushrooms.

Day 11- Door.  This is an indoor door balcony hybrid thing.  The seventies were a crazy time for house, am I right?  Anyone?

Day 12- From a low angle.  Some super nice, awesome does what you ask it to product at my salon!

Day 13- Art.  I got this art from a co-worker, she was unloading her stuff and I gladly scooped it up.

Day 14- Time.  Oh, my old watch.  RIP, my little Skagen.  Oh, and this is 5:30 AM, I am getting up to go to the gym.  Gotta work that.

Day 15- Yellow.  Apple butternut squash soup.  Bam.
Another week.  Another week.


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