Pic a Day Challenge Week 29

Pic a day!  Although it is technically ‘Photo a day, I will be changing that up.  Mostly so it syncs up with Fatmumslim.

Day 8- Lunch.  Ah yes, lunch on the river.  When you make the sandwiches before the trip, you kind of just slap things together, blah blah blah.  All the while thinking of your checklist: life jacket, sunblock, water shoes, and your lunch.  Then you get closer to lunch time and you think of everything on that sandwich.  Especially if you have been paddling, then you kind of wish you made two sandwiches.
Day 9- Big.  BIG BOTTLE O WINE.  We are forever borrowing this bottle.  It’s from the vineyard we picked our last vintage at.  We brought it along with us for New Years Eve.  I think it’s a Jeroboam or a  Double Magnum which is equivalent to 4 bottles of wine.

Day 10- Your Favorite color.  My favorite color?  Right now I am in between a turquoise and coral.  My other favorite color?  Professional color.  Bam.  (these are in cans, how cool is this??)

Day 11- Letter.  well, kind of.  My Grandmother gave me some words in my birthday card this year.
Day 12- Texture.  Ahahahahaa.  I knew I was probably going to resort to this.  Bumble… is just a part of my life, what can I say?  But this product is pretty rad.  Great for men, a matte-y like finish.  Great for women, on the roots for volume, or to hold/enhance natural wave. Except for my hair, because sometimes we don’t get along.
Day 13- Open.  My Birchbox for the month!!  Birchbox is a monthly beauty product sampler box.  Comes with about 4-6 samples, and some are full sized, even.  This month I got a perfume sample, a full sized Stila lip gloss (LOOOOOVVE), tea-mints (really pretty good), a hair masque that smells divine, face blotting papers (life saver) and some earbuds!

Day 14- Building.  Shameless self plug.  Back from the “City Enigmatic”
Ahhh, another week.  Starting to consider the ’tiling’ for the month… yeah?  no?  We’ll see how the laziness overcomes. . 🙂




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