Photo a Day Challenge Week 30

Got another week.  Found my food pictures.. But at the moment I am sorting family and wedding photos.
Day 15- Finger.  Worker hands, worker hands.  If it wasn’t for my sweating condition, they would be a heck of a lot drier, but lets not give it anymore than that.
Day 16- Sign.  Yeah, as many mornings as I can muster.  I am starting to see the payoff, and it is pretty nice.
Day 17- Your addiction.  More Bumble and Bumble.  You know, if I didn’t work with it, I wouldn’t love so dang much.

Day 18- Plate.  I found a new (to me) plate for cupcake pictures.. Now I just need to make some cupcakes.  I heard a a certain bloggess is having a birthday, though…
Day 19- Animal/insect/pet.  Here she is.  Our little princess.
Day 20- Eyes.  Yup.  Peepers.

Day 21- 9 o’clock.  Everything is the same, just every couple of months I work, and this was one of those days.  So I am editing, PBS is on, I am just dressed and make up put on for work.
Itching for more river time, getting my (mostly consistent) workout on.  A few more weddings, more night sky shooting, cupcake-making, garden tending and some white wine drinking.  We are in mid-summer, people!



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