Photo a Day Challenge Week 32

Day 29 – Last thing i bought.  My mom and I went centerpiece shopping for this wedding gig, and apparently, vegetables are all the rage.  There were asparagus taper candles, artichoke crocks and serving type platters.  I happen to have a love for artichokes, and found this little (or big, when in season- YUM) beauty.  I had to take it home.  Fiance didn’t flinch.  The dog still thinks it’s a toy.
Day 30 – Calm.  I love lavender, and Aveda’s aromatherapy, and this past spring, they released their Stress Fix line, with studies that show stress reduction by 86%.  For reals?? Can I drink it?  No, but you can put the oil on your pulse points, take a bath with their Stress Fix soaking salts and moisturize with the Stress Fix body lotion.

Day 31 – Toothbrush- I still have this bad boy.  Impressive.  I figured with this jaw injury I had nine years ago, and the amount it took to fix my face back up, I could invest in a nicer toothbrush.  And since I never use the smaller brush, it has been relegated to “jewelry cleaner”.

a u g u s t

Day 1 – Outside.  On my way to the gym most weekday mornings.  A sad realization when I noticed that the star Aldebaran is moving with Taurus, or we are.  Either way we are nearing an equinox.  The morning summer triangle, and the evening one, too, is leaving.  Fall is on it’s way in.  The mornings are consistently cooler.  We still  have construction and are due for at least two more wildfires.  In fact, one started in Stanley… I was noticing some haze was back in the valley..

Day 2 – One.  One hot air balloon eclipsing the moon.  Might I add that this was pretty dang close to landing in the parking lot of my gym.

Day 3 – Coin.  Bumble currency.  This came from a holiday promo, these coins were on a plastic card thing holding hairties and another with colored bobby pins.
I am such a Bumble baby, I have a Bumbrella (a Bumble umbrella), their various elastic headbands.  The Bumble bands were the pioneer of the ‘bra strap headband’, got those.  A few shirts, promo items, a comb.  Their holiday sets always have cute packaging and I try and nab them when they are broken down into regular retail.

Day 4 – Somewhere I sat.  I suck and never took any daytime pictures of where I sat.  On a raft.  So we get my car seat, where I sat for hours driving  us up to north of McCall and back.
Another weeeek.  Getting ready to head to Helena, Montana to see a good friend of mine.  Got an eight hour drive, little goodies from Idaho (sort of) to bring and the hope that there are some clear dark-ish skies where she lives.  I would just shoot all night long.  Big sky country, right?  Well that’s what I’m betting on.



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