Summer Weather Fires

As we are in the digs of summer, so are the fires.  One just popped up at the very end of July in Stanley, about three hundred miles north of here. In the beginning of the month, we were graced with a 4 or 5 day over one hundred degree temperatures, and smoke.  Nothing like a balmy, smoky 70 degrees at 5 in the morning.  Bleh.

After a few fires in Eastern Idaho, then two in Mountain Home, one was harder to contain than the other, then one off the Interstate right outside of Boise that was caused by a car trying to pass another, a mechanical failure ensues, and clips the other car, drives off the road, flips and catches on fire.  In the dry desert.  The crazy part is she was leaving her home in Colorado, where the Waldo Canyon fire was (or is it still) burning, to go to her father’s house in Oregon.
This is the next day, July 11.  This is in the morning on my way to the gym.  At this point, we have fire in Eastern Oregon, Eastern Idaho, near Idaho City,

If you can tell, the ‘fog’ is actually smoke, and this was taken before I went to the gym, about ten to six AM.  The more I look at these pictures, the more I remember that last year, when I started this blog, there were fires in September.  We’ve only just begun.
As of (word)press time, there are three new fires, some have been contained, some are still burning.  For once, Idaho is on schedule, but only for crap.  Fires and construction crap.
Ah, summer.


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