Photo a Day Challenge Week 33

Photo a day!  Still alive.

Day 5 – Logo.  My new(ish) logo, definitely still in conception, but I like where this is going..
Day 6 – Writing.  Well, I had to do this, it was for the photo a day!  For science!
Day 7 – 8 O’Clock.  IN the AM, I am home from the gym, now kind of on the schedule to get to work.  It’s the life!  Also look at my sweet manicure from our awesome nail tech!
Day 8 – Glasses.  I wear these as safety glasses at work, I also thought I got a picture of our water glasses at work, but I didn’t.
Day 9 – Messy.  The last two pictures could have been used for messy, my side of the bed in the morning, or my poofy bangs.  I’ll use Fiance’s bag for when he went paintballing.
Day 10 – Ring.  I wanted to show my Om mani  ring, I love it.  I don’t wear it to work (which I should) since I would guk it up with product.  It’s a weekend ring.
Day 11 – Purple… at the bottom of this fabulous can.  I swear I am not a Bumble Bot, but how cool would that be?  I do love this product and I work with it every day.  It’s what I know!

A week!  On to the next week!  I did some Nutella research, but the pictures are crap.  A few weeks ago I noticed I ticking closer to my free space storage.   I realized my pictures were bigger files, and for photo a day, it’s unnecessary.  So that will be a nice project, going back and resizing, simple, but borderline menial.
We are also headed to Montana so hopefully I get (1)content and (2) better (more interesting) pic a day pics.




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