Photo a Day Challenge Week 34

Last week’s photo a day.  I have some non photo a day things coming up, cupcakes, a trip to Montana.. More Bespoke stuff… Pilfering other people’s photo’s for some rafting..
Day 12 – Spoon.  Love serrated spoons.
Day 13 – Simple.  Film.
Day 14 – Arrow.  Also, smoke on the waaaater, fire in the skyy.  And smoke.
Day 15 – Ready.  Light is on, well flickering, ready to iron.
Day 16 – Food.  Ordered lunch out from A Tavola.  Love the ham and swiss.  I swear each time I have it, the sweet hot mustard gets hotter.
Day 17 – Faces.  When I check the timestamps, this was the photo I got, with faces in them.  We were in Montana.  Our dog is a spectacle.
Day 18 – Inside.  The Earth.  I love the rocks that just jut out.  We are in some good old/semi active volcano/seismic region.
Montana was awesome.  I loved revisiting with a great friend, and after seeing the drive not being that bad… from Aprilish to Novemberish, it’s a realistic, repetitive trip!


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