Photo a Day Challenge week 36

Over halfway done with the Photo a Day challenge!
Day 26 – Dream.  Yup.  Things are getting really real and I am stoked!  I even used the ‘dream’ filter to take this pic.  Really tying it all together, you see how I did that?
Day 27 – Tap.  Coming out my faucet.  Kind of glad I did not drench the camera while doing this.
Day 28 – Clock.  Clock from the salon.
Day 29 – Down.  Looking down after the morning workout, getting immediately into the house flip flops.
Day 30 – Card.  Blam!  Bespoke in chamomile.
Day 31 – Hidden.  I originally wanted to use another blanket, but it was nicely folded and under a bag of chips.  Sweater it is!
s e p t e m b e r
New list!
Day 1 – Me, now.  Or, us.  We went to a wedding and this is what we got!  (I need to smile more)

Next week oughta be fun.  We are headed to Bruneau to explore some sand dunes and the observatory!  Still floating a trip to Stanley, before one of the highways gets closed for the winter and we have to go through Sun Valley.  Waaaah, first world problems.


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