Photo a Day Challenge week 37

Getting my September in…  This week we went to Bruneau and did some light star gazing, moderate beer drinking and heavy activities, well, one anyway.
Day 2 – Father.  I did time travel to the future, since I think we didn’t get out of the house that day.  So boom.  My friend, who is a father, fishing.
Day 3 – Far away.  This day was Labor Day, and while I usually have Mondays off, this day the banks did, too.  And Fiance.  So we went on the lake and had some fun.  Then a fire helicopter came in.  If you look close enough, you can see an orange bag/bucket thing.
Day 4 – In my mailbox.  Not that lively of a day.
Day 5 – Bright.  Taken from the car, at a red light, and before a car wash.  yeesh.
Day 6 – Every day.  She comes on in, looks at us and burrows down at our feet.  She has perfected her scrap watch.

Day 7 – Natural.  I grew these!
Day 8 – At night.  We are in Bruneau, and after this presentation to the sky, you are released and ready to observe.  As we walked out of the center, though, we saw this plateau on fire.  I was just taking pictures of this before we left.
Another week down, some more to go!


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