Photo a Day Challenge Week 45

Day 28 – Looking back.  This was taken while I was on a wine tasting circuit.  From downtown to right up the bench.  Fantastic light.

Day 29 – Moon.  From our room.  Look at that… planet or big star in the upper left corner.  

Day 30 – Clothes.  Laundry.  Never ends.

Day 31 – Whatever you please.  Bam.  Painted some pumpkins for the salon.  They came out almost how I expected: White stems, pink and green.  Very Beehive.

n o v e m b e r
Day 1 – Something beginning with a C.  LEGIT.  Also, really good.  I mean, Lindt and Ghirardelli have this on lock. but this Perugina comes over and just has a great, dark, just bitter enough and melts right down.  Even breaking the block sounds different, Italian.  I dunno, it’s new to me and we love it.
And it starts with a C.

Day 2 – color.

Day 3 – Breakfast.


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