Photo a Day Challenge Week 46

Day 4 – TV.  Yes, watching The Art of Flight (again, who knows how many times… sprinkled with some That’s It That’s All as well)
We need another

Day 5 – 5 O clock

Day 6 – A favorite thing

Day 7 – Reflection

Day 8 – Something I do everyday

Day 9 – small

Day 10 – Can’t/won’t live without

Okay!  I am catching up!  I am getting slowly out of my funk.  Slowly.
On another note, can you believe how there are six more weeks until this year and the challenge will end!  How crazy that, despite a few missing scenes, there are three hundred sixty six photos on this?  It has (slightly) bogged my space, which means after going through and resizing down all of those previous pictures from the summer and past that, there is a possibility to also archive this on another WordPress.
We have picked and pressed wine, I have been cooking and getting random photos wrangled down.  Those are coming up next!  There is also Festival of Trees and the Winter Garden aGlow coming up.  I can’t wait to try this again.
To anyone who is still popping in, thank you.


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