Photo a Day Challenge Week 48

Day 18 – Happened this weekend.  My Birchbox came in the mail.  Kind of ‘meh’ this time around, same with the last one too, unfortunately… may have to research another kind of box maybe probably.

Day 19 – Something awesome.  Our dog turned four this day!  She got a mani/pedi, and a bath!  Yay!!  I made her treats, she got a whole can of dog food and lots of belly rubs all day long.  We really do love the crap out of her.
Day 20 – work/play.  Making pumpkin pie cupcakes (work, but admittedly some play too) and the wine (play, and sometimes work)
Day 21 – what I wore.  Clothes to hot yoga.  Found some workout clothes combo that works for me.
But on the actual day it was something cute, actually.  I worked a half day, and went out for drinks for a good friend’s birthday.  I had like, skinny jeans, a cute black and brown sweater, with a bright green tank underneath and brown flat booties.  Booties!!
Now, I am by no means a fashion blogger of sorts, but I do like documenting cute outfits.  They are rare.    Sometime full of hair and with color stains.
Day 22 – Grateful.  Oddly enough, I did not take a single picture this day.  We woke up.  I went to yoga, had a breakfast, I made the apple dumplings, went to the parents’ house, and I’m sure I laughed with food in my mouth several times.
Overall I am just grateful.  I try and be grateful everyday, which I am.
Day 23 – black.   (Super) Black tea.  I really didn’t catch on to the whole “black” until I realized it was because of black Friday, a day where I go to work and business as usual.  Our salon is nice enough to give us some adequate time off for Thanksgiving.  So we had a half day for Friday and I promptly stayed in my non public clothes until I had to get ready for work.
It was awesome.
Day 24 – A sound I heard.  Heard the sounds of Christmas, that’s what!  This was at the Boise Festival of Trees, an annual event where there are some pimp trees.   It’s all for a good cause, and it’s enjoyable to see some winners.


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